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Eurodam Facts & Figures
Owner/Operator:Holland America Line
Year built:2008
Builder:Fincantieri Maestre, Venice, Italy
Former names:-
Gross Tonnage:86,273
Length:290.0 m (951.4 ft)
Beam:32.2 m (105.6 ft)
Passengers (normal):2,104
Passengers (maximum):2,611
Service speed:21.9 kn
Sister Ships:Nieuw Amsterdam
Eurodam Photo Gallery
Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos
Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos Eurodam Holland America Line cruise ship photos
eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos
eurodam holland america line cruise ship photos

Eurodam Interior Photos
Verandah Stateroom The Retreat Crow's Nest Ocean Bar
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Rembrandt Dining Room The Mainstage Pinnacle Wine Bar Queen's Lounge
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From the ShipParade Archives: Eurodam On Board Report
All photos and text: © 2008 Bart de Boer
This article was first published on August 3, 2008. Decor, services and amenities might have changed since publication

After giving all their cruise ships names that are steeped in the company's 135 year history, Holland America Line broke with tradition by naming their latest ship Eurodam.  

Eurodam at Hoek van Holland - this photo © Cees de Bijl
Eurodam at Hook of Holland, June 29 - Photo © Cees de Bijl

In a sun-drenched ceremony in the vessels's homeport of Rotterdam, Holland America Line proudly showed off their largest passenger ship to date. A ship that pushes the cruise line into the future without compromising its unique heritage.

Eurodam at Rotterdam Holland America's logo
Eurodam at Rotterdam  Holland America's logo
Cruise Line: Holland America Line
Built: 2008
Building Yard: Fincantieri, Italy
Gross Tonnage: 86,700
Length: 290.0 m (951.4 ft)
Beam: 32.2 m (106.0 ft)
Passengers (norm.): 2,104
Passengers (max): 2,611
Crew: 929
Service speed: 21,9 knots

The weather gods are obviously in a good mood on July 1, 2008, the day Eurodam is named in her home port of Rotterdam. Guests for the overnight event are welcomed in Holland America's old terminal building. Around the corner is Hotel New York, built as Holland America's head quarters. With so many maritime memories around it is obvious from the very first minute that this is going to be a very special afternoon! 

Eurodam at Rotterdam Getting ready for the naming ceremony
Eurodam at Rotterdam   Time for the naming ceremony
Eurodam at Rotterdam
Eurodam at Rotterdam

Close to the company's original head quarters the stage is set for an elaborate naming ceremony. Holland America have pulled all stops, inviting 2,500 guests, including many dignitaries and even some Dutch celebrities!

The blessing of the ship's bell by Mr & Mrs Schröder Guido keeps on playing...
The blessing of the ship's bell   Guido keeps playing

After some speeches and the blessing of the ship's bell - a time honored Holland America tradition, all eyes are set for the arrival of H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. And there she is, accompanied by Micky Arison and Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland America Line.

Holland America's CEO Stein Kruse talks to HM Queen Beatrix
Holland America's CEO Stein Kruse talks to the Queen

Now in her early seventies, Queen Beatrix officially names the ship Eurodam and after ringing the ship's bell, a bottle of champagne crashes on her hull. Amidst cheers, streamers and the overwhelming sounds of Guido's Orchestra, Eurodam's Godmother is escorted on board for a quick tour of "her" ship. And after a glass of champagne in the terminal building, it's time for us to board Eurodam again for cocktails, dinner and ... ShowTime!.  

"I name this ship Eurodam"
"I name this ship Eurodam"
. . .

With all overnight guests back on board, Eurodam's aft Seaview Pool and its adjoining bar quickly turns into one open air lounge area. Basking in the afternoon sun with a drink, the appeal of this open deck space is obvious.

Aft sundeck Seaview Pool
Aft sundeck   Seaview Pool

While from the outside Eurodam's "behind" may not be the prettiest, it obviously has its advantages as the aft pool deck is considerably larger than that of other Holland Amercia ships. Hidden in a cabana-like construction is a wonderful pool bar with lots of inviting tables and chairs. With the Lido Restaurant around the corner, this is the perfect place to have breakfast or lunch on a sunny day. And on not so sunny days, the curtains can be closed!

Seaview Pool and Bar
Seaview Pool and Bar

Through large sliding glass doors, you walk forward and enter the exquisite Lido Restaurant. Sporting a fresh, light, modern, summery feel, this is probably Holland America's most attractive Lido Restaurant. It is also the largest Lido Restaurant in the fleet, so prepare to walk a mile or so to discover all there is on offer.

Lido Restaurant Lido Restaurant

Lido Restaurant

  Lido Restaurant

Holland America Line has further refined the Lido Restaurant concept on Eurodam and instead of picking up a tray and join the line, you are urged to walk around the area and pick up food from various action stations.

Lido Restaurant
Lido Restaurant

Although it is extremely busy at lunch hour, both quality and presentation of the food are very good. Being the inventors of the Lido Restaurant concept in the early seventies of the last century, Holland America still does an excellent job here. 

Lido Restaurant Lido Restaurant
Lido Restaurant   Lido Restaurant

On port side, the forward section of the Lido Restaurant sports a slightly different look with different chairs. This is Canaletto, Eurodam's Italian eatery. At night, this area transforms into an Italian reservations-only trattoria, another first for Holland America Line.

Canaletto Italian Restaurant

Leaving the Lido Restaurant, we walk forward on to another eye catcher: the beautiful Lido Pool.

Lido Pool
Lido Pool

With its huge sliding glass roof and large swimming pool, this Lido Pool reminds one of similar spaces on other Holland America ships.

Lido Pool with sliding roof Lido Pool on a beautiful summer's day
Lido Pool with sliding roof   Lido Pool

But there is a distinct difference that sets Eurodam's Lido Pool apart. Designed by the Norwegian design team of Yran & Storbraaten, the pool area has that fresh, contemporary feel. Instead of the massive statues of sea lions and dolphins, there is a single arch that sports a number of fountains and is inscribed with the word "water" in a zillion languages. 

Lido Pool
Lido Pool

I was quite surprised to see trendy double lounge beds lining the Lido Pool. With its dark faux-rattan furniture, light flooring, potted palms and cabanas that line the port side of the Lido, the area was really "hot and happening" during the overnight event.

Lido Pool lounge area Lido Pool at night
Lido Pool   Lido Pool at night

One good aspect of the sliding glass roof is that it can be closed in inclement weather. Holland America makes good use of this superb feature by arrange late-night buffets and even parties in the Lido Pool area. Well done!

Hydrotherapy Pool Hydrotherapy Pool
Hydrotherapy Pool   Hydrotherapy Pool

Further forward is the pretty Hydrotherapy Pool, part of the extensive Greenhouse Spa, operated by -who else- Steiner's. It has numerous therapy rooms, a large forward-facing fitness center and a thermal suite area. 

The Retreat One of the cabanas
The Reatreat    One of the cabanas

But perhaps the best therapy on any ship is inhaling clean sea air. To make a few extra bucks, Holland America is following the cabana trend and introduces "The Retreat", a semi-private open deck space that is surrounded by 10 cabanas that can be rented for the day. Our tip: book one the two corner cabanas! 

. . .

Eurodam was designed by two different architectural firms. Apart from Holland America's long term partner VFD Interiors, the Norwegian design firm of Yran & Storbraaten was also involved in many public rooms. The result of the Norwegian involvement is a somewhat more contemporary feel and if you look closely, you will be able to tell which room was designed by the Dutch, and which one by the Norwegians.  

The Silk Den
Silk Den

High atop the ship on deck 11 amidships you will find the Silk Den Bar and Tamarinds, the exclusive Asian specialty restaurant. Done in a daring color combination of greens and purples, these two room breath the Orient and fit in so well on this Holland America ship. After all, Eurodam's service staff is exclusively Asian.  

Tamarind Restaurant Tamarind Restaurant
Tamarind Restaurant   Tamarind Restaurant

There is a surcharge for having dinner at Tamarinds and reservations are required. The restaurant has a somewhat dark, closed in feel but that is made up by the fact that pre-dinner cocktails can be taken in the adjacent Silk Den, a delightful bar area that comes with semi-private lounge areas and gorgeous views.  

Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest

The Norwegian touch is very apparent in the Crow's Nest and Explorations Café, all the way forward on deck 11. Yes, there is a hint of the old Holland America Line, but the circular bar in the middle of the room, the retro Scandinavian chairs, the burgundy carpeting and beautiful wall coverings are proof that Yran & Storbraaten are taking things a little further.  

Crow's Nest Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest    Crow's Nest

The result is, well, quite spectacular. The hodge-podge of furniture styles might seem a little odd at first, but works very well and helps to make  the Crow's Nest feel less large than it is.  

Crow's Nest Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest    Crow's Nest

On port side is a beautiful little corner that is decorated in a more traditional way. With its  wood paneling and a showcase with Ryndam memorabilia, this is probably where the more traditional Holland America fans will hang out.  

Crow's Nest
Crow's Nest - port side corner

I you have read my Rotterdam review, you will know that I really like Holland America's  Exploration Café concept.

Explorations Café Explorations Café
Explorations Café   Explorations Café

But where the Explorations Café on board the Rotterdam is vast, with lots of space and quit corners, Eurodam's Exploration Café seems more cramped. The location is brilliant of course, being up on deck 11 with walls of glass to enjoy the view. But the room could have done with more space. Or less Internet stations!

Explorations Café
Explorations Café


One of the good things of being invited as overnight guest is that you can actually try out a stateroom! Eurodam boasts staterooms in 30 categories, varying from compact inside cabins to two lavish Penthouse Suites.

Deluxe Verandah Stateroom Deluxe Verandah Stateroom
Deluxe Verandah Stateroom    Deluxe Verandah Stateroom

Many staterooms feature a private verandah and it must be said that balconies are of very generous proportions. With one comfortable chair, an ottoman and another slightly less elaborate chair, there is still more than enough room to move around. The railings are all glass, which makes gazing over the ocean all the more pleasant. 

Deluxe Verandah Stateroom # 6110
Deluxe Verandah Stateroom # 6110

Our Deluxe Verandah Stateroom (number 6110 - category VB) reveals a new look for Holland America. Gone are the batiks and blonde woods. Instead, our stateroom reveals a more Scandinavian look with browns, greens and beiges. The seating area features a desk with flat screen TV, mini bar and an odd moss green leather couch. It makes you wonder if this color will come into fashion again...

Verandah of category V stateroom Bathroom - very plain
Category V verandah   No-frills bathroom

Storage space is sufficient for a cruise of up to two weeks. While not very aesthetical, the overhead cupboards in the seating area are actually quite useful. As on all Holland America ships, expect a generous bathroom. Our stateroom featured a small and shallow bathtub, more suited as large shower stall. The decor of the bathrooms on board is plain, with off-white walls, ceilings and even floors. That said, the shower is excellent, with adequate water pressure and an adjustable shower head.  

. . .

As evening falls and the guests change into tuxedos and evening gowns, the bar staff prepare for the pre dinner rush.

Atrium Atrium Bar
Atrium   Atrium Bar

Dressed to the nines, we head for the three-deck high atrium amidships. Crowned by a glass sculpture and connected by a glass staircase, this is one of the more successful atrium spaces of any Holland America ship. And perfect for that pre dinner cocktail.

Ocean Bar
Ocean Bar

On the lowest level, adjacent to the Front Office and Shore Excursion Desk, you'll find the very intimate Atrium bar - first stop when you get back on board after a exhausting day ashore.

Ocean Bar Ocean Bar
Ocean Bar   Ocean Bar

Crowning the atrium is the superb Ocean Bar, probably my favorite bar on board. Designed in traditional Holland America style by VFD Interiors, the room surrounds the top level of the atrium. Comfortable seating groups, wooden flooring and a very inviting bar make the Ocean Bar the ship's social heart. 

Ocean Bar
Ocean Bar

Walking forward from the Ocean Bar, one passes the huge Shopping Arcade. If it's closed, it's like walking through a deserted mall. If the shops are open, the feeling is very different and you'll have to be strong not to have a peek at the merchandise and ultimately give in to the lures of retail therapy. 

Photo Gallery Shopping Arcade
Photo Gallery   Shopping Arcade

A long corridor heads further forward to the domain of the intellectually anxious. There's the comfortable screening room, a couple of meeting rooms and Eurodam's very own computer learning center. Here you'll be taught how to make the most of your computer. 

Computer Learning Center Meeting rooms
Computer Learning Center   Corridor with meeting rooms

With the introduction of the Eurodam, Holland America Line is extending the range of its culinary offerings. For dinner, you can choose between Tamarind, Canaletto, the Lido Restaurant and the Pinnacle Grill (more about that venue later). But most guests will head for the huge 2-deck high Rembrandt restaurant.  

Rembrandt Dining Room
Rembrandt Dining Room

At time of booking, you will be asked if you prefer the traditional first or second seating, with an assigned table throughout the cruise. Or you could choose the newest option, As You Wish Dining. This allows you to dine when you want between the hours of 5:15 and 9:00 PM daily.

Rembrandt Dining Room Rembrandt Dining Room
Rembrandt Dining Room   Rembrandt Dining Room

Generally, open seating guests will be accommodated on the upper level, with the lower level of the dining room given over to fixed seating. As in so many areas on board, the decor of the Rembrandt Dining Room is a mix of the old and the new.  

Rembrandt Dining Room
Rembrandt Dining Room

The beautiful hand crafted chairs are very comfortable and have armrests. Space at tables is quite good and although the design team have done their best, it still is a big restaurant so don't expect an intimate dining experience.  

Rembrandt Dining Room Rembrandt Dining Room
Rembrandt Dining Room   Rembrandt Dining Room

Being the day of the naming ceremony, our formal dinner was of course top notch. As soon as Captain Jeroen van Donselaar has proposed a toast to HM Queen Beatrix, we study the extensive menu that was specifically composed for this special evening.

Dessert... mmm...
Dessert - mmmm.....

On Eurodam, Holland America Line sticks to its policy of employing only male dining room waiters. Interestingly, Tamarind only features female wait staff!

. . .

The Holland America ships have never been known for their extravagant nightlife, but it seems that with the arrival of Eurodam things are changing.

The Mainstage
The Mainstage

Take the show lounge. Called the Mainstage, this enormous room comfortably holds up to 1,200 guests in theater-style leather chairs and offers good sightlines and generous legroom. And since success is all in the details: each armrest comes with a retractable drinks holder. 

The Mainstage The Mainstage
The Mainstage   The Mainstage

The show we see in The Mainstage is of the typical cruise ship standard; highly choreographed with many costume changes and taped music and background vocals. The sets are very hi-tech and amongst the most impressive I have seen. And judging by the standing ovation at the end of the show, the audience like it very much.

The Mainstage entrance The Mainstage
The Mainstage entrance   The Mainstage

On we go, walking aft on Lower Promenade Deck. First up is the Casino. In fact, you can't get around it you will have to walk right through it to reach any of the public rooms amidships. 

Casino Piano Bar
Casino   Piano Bar

The late-night crowd is catered for by the ingenious clustering of a couple of public rooms. There's the before mentioned Casino and a very inviting Piano Bar directly across from it. Then there is the great Sports Bar with its beautiful wooden flooring, large windows, flat screen TV's and  fun furniture. 

Sports Bar
Sports Bar

So if you have seen the show, gambled a bit, sang along in the Piano Bar and ordered a beer in the Sports Bar, there's one last place to discover. The Northern Lights Disco is probably the most trendy room on any Holland America Line ship, with its stark, minimalist interior, backlit bar and impressive sound and light system. And let me tell you that on naming day, the place was rocking until very, very late!

Northern Lights Disco Northern Lights Disco
Northern Lights Disco   Northern Lights Disco
Queens Lounge Queens Lounge
Queens Lounge    Queens Lounge

Eurodam would not be a Holland America Line ship if she didn't have many nooks and crannies. Walking around the ship, you literally stumble from one world into the other. The best example is the Queens Lounge. The starboard side is colorful, with large windows, vibrant red seating groups and a very invited bar area.

Atrium Pinnacle Grill
Atrium   Pinnacle Grill

But inside the Queens Lounge it is if someone has turned off all lights and put on the black and white mode. With its odd retro plastic chairs and complete lack of any color or daylight, this is my least favorite room on board.

Pinnacle Grill Pinnacle Grill
Pinnacle Grill    Pinnacle Bar

Let's quickly move to the atrium and the exclusive Pinnacle Grill. Here you will be served the best of Pacific Northwest cuisine in a trendy, inviting atmosphere.

Pinnacle Grill
Pinnacle Grill

The oversized (and overweight) faux Louis XIV chairs that line the atrium are of course in prime position and you will be hard pressed to find a better location for your dinner party. 

Explorers Lounge Explorers Lounge
Explorers Lounge   Explorers Lounge

There are two more watering holes where you can enjoy a nightcap. At a stone's throw from the Pinnacle Grill is the Pinnacle Bar with its high-back chairs and clean-cut decor. But I prefer the relaxing, old-world charm of the Explorers Lounge, so typical to Holland America. And here we touch the essence of what makes Eurodam so special: this ship is an intriguing mix of the traditional Holland America style, with a number of nifty trends blended in. We'd like to call it  "Tradition with a twist"!

Explorers Lounge
Explorers Lounge
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