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In 10 Photos: Cruise Ship Spotting in Juneau, Alaska
May 15, 2013 was an average spring day in Juneau, Alaska. Heavy clouds shrouded Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts. As the 32,000 or so inhanbitants of Alaska's capital city awoke, the first cruise ships of the day came sailing down in Gastineau Channel. By midday as the sun peeked through the clouds, no less than five cruise ships would have offloaded their passengers in Juneau. Let me take you along on a photographic impression of Juneau's "ShipParade" on that great day in May.
Oceania Cruises' Regatta in Juneau, Alaska
First in and occupying prime docking locations were Holland America's Zaandam and Oosterdam, followed by Oceania Cruises' Regatta that dropped anchor off the center of town.
Golden Princess cruise ship arriving at Juneau, Alaska
Making quite an entrance, Golden Princess arrived at Juneau in the early afternoon.
Norwegian Sun and the mountains of Juneau
As the skies cleared and the sun made a welcome appearance, I photographed Norwegian Sun at the A.J. Dock furthest from town.
cruise ships in Juneau, Alaska
The Mount Roberts Tramway is a great way to get an eagle-eye's view of Juneau. As it zoomed up the mountain, I captured Golden Princess and Norwegian Sun.
View over Juneau, Alaska from Mount Robertson Tramway
Wow! The views from Mount Roberts are simply breathtaking.
Oceania Cruises Regatta at Juneau
Isn't she pretty? Regatta looks glorious anchored in the bay.
Norwegian Sun in Juneau, Alaska
An aerial view of Norwegian Sun.
Holland America Line Oosterdam at Juneau, Alaska
I visited Juneau that day on Holland America's Oosterdam and what a thrill it was to photograph "my" ship from way above.
Holland America's Zaandam in Juneau, Alaska
Going down on the Mount Roberts Tramway was interesting as there were long, long lines and Oosterdam's departure time was rapidly approaching. Still, we made it back on board in time and I was out on deck as the lines were cast and we left fleetmate Zaandam at the Alaska Steam Ship Dock.
Regatta and Alaska's mountains
Regatta is dwarfed by the grandeur of Alaska.
Where in the world is Juneau?
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