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Do You Remember? Ocean Breeze
For ShipParade readers that long for the time when passenger ships had proper bows and funnels, here is a look at a classic liner. Built by Harland & Wolff in Belfast, Southern Cross was launched on August 17, 1954. She entered service in March, 1955 on the around-the-world service of Shaw, Shavill & Albion. The energy crisis in the seventies led to her being laid up in the River Fal until she was snapped up by Greek investors. Thoroughly rebuilt, she re-entered service as the full-fledged cruise ship Calypso in 1975. Calypso sailed from Amsterdam and Tilbury in summer. The ship was briefly named Calypso I before a move to Eastern Steamship Company. Renamed Azure Seas she was employed on cruises from Los Angeles to Ensenada. A number of owners later she received the name Ocean Breeze in 1992, sailing for Dolphin Cruise Lines on short cruises from Florida to the Bahamas. It was in Port Everglades that I photographed Ocean Breeze on June 9, 2002. Only two years later, the ship ended up at the breaker's yard in India. More photos and details of Southern Cross can be found here.
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