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In 10 Photos: Europa 2 Veranda Suite
On what is arguably the best cruise ship in the world (is there really such a thing as "the best"?), you would expect lavish accommodations. Leave it to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises to make the "standard" suite on their flagship Europa 2 an oasis of understanted elegance. At 35 sq m / 376 sq ft, the Veranda Suite is of generous proportions. But apart from size, what makes the Veranda Suite special? Let's have a look.
While the general layout of the suite is not revolutionary, it is definitely wider and longer than similar suites on other ultra-luxury cruise lines.
The bed is big and the German duvet and linens make it fluffy, too. All lights can be controlled by means of a bedside console. When I was on board, the most talked about subject was the apparent lack of the possibility to switch all suite lights. Some guests slept with all lights on. Here's the insider tip: push the light switch continuously for at least 5 seconds. This will result in much-wanted darkness at night.
The bathroom is nothing short of perfect. It has an oversized rain shower stall, a full sized bath tub, lots of storage and ample power outlets. Truly excellent.
Ever looked at stateroom balconies on new mainstream ships? They are really (and I mean really) small. Not on Europa 2, where a balcony is still a balcony. It has a full sized lounge chair, two comfortable chairs and a large table. Plus a genuine teak deck.
The extensive storage spaces hide all sorts of pleasant surprises. The drawers next to the vanity open up to cutlery, napkins (cotton of course) wine and champagne glasses. Of course there is a Nespresso machine with complimentary coffee cups that are replenished daily.
Have a look at this couch. It is very comfy and costs some US$ 10,000 a piece. Most suites have one. Go figure... Hapag-Lloyd Cruises welcomes guests with a half bottle of champagne and fruit on embarkation.
The minibar is set up with all sorts of soft drinks and beer and is replenished daily. Free of charge.
Every evening, your suite stewardess will put a different "sleep well snack" on your pillow. Gute Nacht!
A look at the big balcony. High class furniture and a real teak deck give the balcony a sturdy and luxurious feel. And of course, you have room to move around!
Often, a "walk in closet" is too small to actually walk in. Not so on Europa 2. Here you will find more than enough drawer and hanger space.
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